Ending has tails, tongues wagging

Ending has tails, tongues wagging

Sandwich used to lure dog back

It took a rigged roast beef sandwich, but Blue Jeans, the fugitive dog from Louisiana, was found safe and healthy yesterday, three weeks after she bolted out of a car in Reading, inspiring the “whole town” to help find her.

The Australian cattle dog had lost some weight and was bitten by ticks, said Tiffany Mosley, owner of the rescue kennel in a small Louisiana town that had put Blue Jeans up for adoption. Her long period on the run left Blue Jeans a bit skittish – getting in and out of the car made her nervous – but she was in good shape, Mosley said.

“She’s probably not very happy right now, because she’s getting the ‘b’ word – a bath,” Mosley said in a telephone interview.

After days of searching, with a few sightings and the discovery of her leash and collar, Mosley returned home to Louisiana, but never gave up hope. She flew back to Massachusetts again Monday, camping out in her car to continue the search.

On Thursday, she spotted Blue Jeans in Reading, less than a mile from where she had bolted.

Searchers had set up humane traps in the area, but Blue Jeans was too smart for them, Mosley said.

So Mosley baited the area where Blue Jeans had been roaming – with roast beef sandwiches. After the dog ate one on Friday, Mosley covered a trap with piles of leaves and debris, doing her best to disguise it, and placed another sandwich inside. After several days of living in her car, on Friday Mosley went to Old Lyme, Conn., to stay with Steve Glass, who had adopted his dog and Blue Jeans’s best friend, Fallon, from her kennel.

Yesterday morning she got the call: Blue Jeans was inside the trap.

“I couldn’t believe the phone call,” she said.

Glass said the dog was happy to be reunited with Mosley and her husband, Jason.

“The dog was in the back seat with Tiffany and Jason, and she was just gazing into their eyes and licking their lips and it was sort of like, ‘I’m home again,’ ” he said.

The dog escaped Oct. 11. Natasha Colaco-Burge, who had helped adopt Blue Jeans for her parents, let the dog out at her home in Reading. Blue Jeans had just arrived in Massachusetts from Jerry’s Jungle Rescue & Rehab, Moseley’s kennel in Tickfaw, La.

Before Colaco-Burge could grab hold of her leash, Blue Jeans was on the run.

The escape of the dog, which had been rescued from the streets by the kennel, prompted an outpouring of support from Reading and beyond.

“If you go up to somebody’s house in Louisiana and you ask them to help you find your dog, they laugh at you and say it’ll come home,” she said. “We had the whole town of Reading helping.”

Steve Glass said he was amazed that Mosley kept searching for the dog despite the odds.

“I just thought that there was just one chance in a thousand that Blue Jeans hadn’t been hit by a car and that she would ever be found,” he said.

“I feel like I’ve gotten this lesson in not giving up and having faith.”

Because Blue Jeans is a “flight risk,” she will go back to Louisiana for reevaluation and rehabilitation, Mosley said.

“We’re going to have to get some weight on her and make sure she hasn’t traumatized herself,” she said, adding that Colaco-Burge may adopt another dog closer to home.

“I don’t want them to go through that again, and I don’t want [Blue Jeans] to go through that again. It takes a special person to take care of a dog like this,” she said.

Glass agreed, saying that Fallon and Blue Jeans, who was named for the gray-blue cast of her fur, were alike that way.

“They’re both dogs that have the call of the wild. No matter how much you love them and what you do with them, they’ll always be a call-of-the-wild dog,” he said.


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